Boracay so far

April 8th to 11th, 2012. Seniors 2011 Batch Boracay turned bonding with boyfriend's family

8 April 2011. Day 4. Sean, Jian, and CJ picked me up at Lazy Dog after Trish and DJ head back to MNL. A few hours before this photo was taken, I had the ABSOLUTE WORST hangover of my life.
Anemone bikini, Nothing But Water dress, vintage necklace, Mango sunnies, Victoria's Secret flip flops, Lonely Planet sling bag
9 April 2011. Day 5. The boys get recreational. Jian on his skim board...
... that I fail to ride successfully but nonetheless pose with. Literally, a poser. // Anemone bikini top, Fetish bikini bottom (both from Nothing But Water)

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Club Paraw & its perpetually pumped crowd
H&M cover up, Fetish bikini top, vintage shorts
10 April 2011. Day 6. Lonely Planet maxidress and fedora // Jian treated me to this outfit as his monthsary gift.
With the Sacdalans and the Halls at Lonely Planet Coffee
Only the boys are left from our group

11 April 2011. Day 7. Jian and his brothers play frisbee.
Lonely Planet fedora and striped button down, Anemone bikini
Jian took me to this lovely place to watch the sunset.

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