Boracay till the end

April 12th to 15th, 2011. Definitely quality time with the Sacdalans.

12 April 2011. Day 8. Iced coffee at Lonely Planet after breakfast. Now if only we had this in Metro Manila, maybe I would abandon Starbucks.
Marks & Spencer hat, Landmark tunic

More after the cut.

13 April 2011. Day 9. We found a tree house somewhere near the end of Station 3. // Lonely Planet dress, Landmark and Mango bangles
Jian, CJ and Sean with their matching Bacardi hennas

14 April 2011. Day 10. Lonely Planet hand-painted shirts
Lonely Planet maillot, Topshop shorts
Last night of Lonely Planet Coffee (Reopens on May 2012 beside the Lonely Planet, Alice branch)
15 April 2011. Day 11. Waiting for the sunrise on our last day
Our favorite place to pig out eat in Boracay

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