Friday Night In

My boyfriend's grounded till our Boracay trip, so in lieu of our dates out I've been visiting the past few days. (Thank goodness Jian's house is just about Php80 of cab fare away from my house.) Since it was a Friday, I felt like dressing up.

Mango button down, Topshop floral skirt, Longchamp Cabas Statue of Liberty edition
Stella Luna heels
Tita Jeanette (Jian's mom) cooked us a delicious dinner composed of the most tender pork ribs I've ever eaten, corn and salad, but because we couldn't wait to dig in and we pretty much wolfed down everything in about fifteen minutes, I was not able to take a photo to share here. I show you then our post-dinner treats--home made cocktails and cheese popcorn. Definitely not the best way to prepare for an upcoming beach trip, but good food must never be refused when one is with good company.

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