A tribute

When it`s someone`s time, that`s it. It`s their time to pass.

In between sips of coffee and eventually beer, tonight`s conversation steered towards the direction of AJ`s accident.

I never met AJ, but since we were in the same batch, we inevitably had a number of friends in common, and I frequently saw him at the gym. From what I heard, he was always amicable. True enough, at the gym he was courteous to the trainers as well as the other members. There was never an aura of arrogance around him, never a trace of haughtiness in his expressions. It was also unmistakable; the warmth in his appearance was accompanied by the youthful vibrancy common to almost all adolescents. One didn`t even need to see him in person to observe this; it was enough to watch him on his television shows to perceive all that was promising about AJ, all that he was and all that he could still have been. Perhaps, this was why it was incredibly tragic to hear about his sudden demise.

Like what a friend said earlier, AJ’s death was a wake up call. Death was never known to reconsider its victim`s age nor amount of potential.

Death strikes instantaneously, and we are all at its disposal.

AJ was wise to make the most of his time alive. By the time he graduated high school, his acting career was already on its way to a great height as AJ had starred in several films and television series. The aired interviews of his loved ones insinuated no relationship taken for granted. The grief that his family, friends, and girlfriend personified was the ultimate proof that the love AJ so abundantly gave them will be missed dearly.

To all of us who are still amidst the corporeal world, may we imbibe the example of how AJ strived to live fully. May we aim to reach the concrete manifestation of our passions—in academics, work, and relationships. May we love generously and thoroughly, because we never really have the guarantee until when we can do no more.

Rest in peace, AJ Perez. 
(February 17, 1993 - April 17, 2011)

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