Bangkok Bound

No, I`m not leaving for Bangkok; Jian and his family are. Right after settling our medical requirements at our respective schools, Jian and I decided to have late lunch at his house before his family left for the airport.

My macho man carrying his luggage
The murano ring Jian brought me from Venice was too big, so I used it as a necklace pendant instead, and paired it with a Forever 21 necklace.
Murano bead bracelet from Venice, also Jian's present
Charles & Keith flats
Bleach shirt, Pink Manila trousers
Then I lost all poise while attempting to stop Jian from leaving again after only 4 days of being home from their 2-week Euro trip. Just kidding!
And then I he held me and I smiled. HAHA. So cheesy. 

Jian, if ever you find the time to take a break from your shopping escapade in Bangkok and visit my blog, I just want to let you know that I miss you too much too soon, and that I only wish for you to keep safe while you`re away again. Enjoy Bangkok—its cuisine, its shops, its scenery, and its culture. Enjoy Cagayan after Bangkok, and catch me a big fish for us to grill and eat together, will you? I love you & take care! ♥

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