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I woke up at 9:30 a.m. only to start panicking because I knew Bloggers United would open at 10:00, and I didn`t want to be late. I hurriedly showered and dressed, then dashed off to Malayan Plaza without even having a drink of water. To my delight, I was actually still early when I arrived. Surprisingly, I was so starstruck seeing all the bloggers I avidly follow! (And to think I don`t even get starstruck when I see local celebrities around.) For about half a minute, I just stood in the middle of the room staring at all the beautiful people. When I snapped out of my daze, I started shopping, and WOW OH WOW, the items were such good bargains! I was so occupied with gawking at the bloggers and shopping that I wasn`t even able to adjust the settings of my camera to take better photos. Still, the experience was well worth missing a few high quality shots.

After shopping for at least two and a half hours, I headed to UP Diliman to watch Bea`s play. Unfortunately, the director canceled the 3:15 p.m. show. It was a good thing Daniel invited me for coffee earlier, so when I told him the play wasn`t pushing through, we decided to meet at Techno Hub and catch up with each other`s lives at Cafe Breton.

Daniel was always one of my most favorite people, and he always will be. The man has exuded style since I first met him nearly six years ago. (I was an incoming seventh grader and he was an incoming sophomore.) He inspired me so much that for his senior year retreat, I wrote to him saying that if it hadn`t been for our friendship, I would still be trotting around in jeans and Converse sneakers. He was just about to finish high school then. Now, he`s one of the youngest well sought after stylists in the Philippine fashion industry. Daniel, though, is not to be defined by his career alone. Beyond his achievements is a character that has shown nothing but honesty, passion, dignity, and perseverance, and that`s the Daniel I will unfailingly be proud to call my friend.

Tin Iglesias of Fashion Ate the World—my first purchase was from her!
This is me, looking every bit of a fan girl next to Kryz Uy. HAHA.
Rosanna Aranaz of Little Miss Dress Up with her friend
Left: Kookie B. was one of the friendliest among those present. She even gave me a hug after I told her I follow her blog!
Right: Camille Co and Laureen Uy
It doesn`t look like I shopped for much, but that Forever 21 bag contains 3 plastics of clothes and two pairs of shoes.
The shoe box in the middle of the bunch of plastics contains this pair of shoes. Thank you so much, Denise Katipunera of Shoe Etiquette, for selling them to me for only Php 1,000 (original price Php 2,200) despite my nonexistent attempts to haggle! (Photo courtesy of Shoe Etiquette)
Topshop button down, thrifted dress, Aldo wedges

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