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What a failed night out this was! Jian and I were supposed to attend Jolo`s party at Seventh High after having dinner and drinks in Agave, but I got so sleepy at around 10:30. It was slightly embarrassing because I nearly dozed off while sitting in front of Kabisera. We opted to take a cab home, and we almost got robbed in the middle of Edsa when two street kids opened the back doors of our cab! It was a good thing the driver was able to step on the gas pedal just as Jian slammed the doors shut and locked both doors. (I was actually asleep. I woke up to Jian slamming the door on my side of the taxi, and I still saw one of the kids attempting to run after our vehicle.) Thank God we stayed out of harm`s way!

To all those reading this, remember to always lock your car doors. Criminals these days are so prevalent in our roads!

Jian and I ended our evening sipping coffee whilst watching Spartacus on Cinemax. Good television program + Better coffee + Best company = Salvaged night! :)

bazaar-bought top & trousers, Steve Madden heels, Aranaz clutch, Extreme Finds Get Happy (as necklace)

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