Happy 100th, DLSU!

My class ended early today, so I had time to go to the gym and visit Taft afterward just to see how DLSU celebrated its centennial. I wasn`t into the whole band experience (especially after being coerced to endure all the band performances during O-Night), hence I opted to meet with my friends outside DLSU instead. Catching up with DJ—who gets a special mention because I see Jian and Raymond often already—was definitely worth braving the traffic and the smog! I may be more comfortable with my school`s own atmosphere, but cheers to DLSU for molding some of the best people in my life into who they aspire to be!

On a completely unrelated note, I didn`t get to take an outfit shot, but at least I have a photo with my hippie band. It`s the first time I`ve ever pulled it off, and I think I`m quite warming up to it.

This was too cool for me not to take a photo of. I wish the CBTL branch in Katipunan would open soon, so they can make a Swirl Card for Ateneans also. Hehe.
Now I`m the only one who`s never studied in any La Salle school in this photo. (OP vibe! JK.)

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