The Highlands

Snuck in an overnight trip to Tagaytay Highlands with Jian, my cousin, his girlfriend and his girlfriend`s family before leaving for HK this week. My cousin, Aya, and I are honestly kind of used to the place considering our family visits here at least once every year, so it was energizing bringing first-timers with us. Instead of just lounging around the room and sleeping as usual, we took Jian, Ruth and Ruth`s family on some sort of a tour. Nothing`s changed over the years, but all of a sudden Highlands was interesting again when we heard them oooh and ahhh at the scenery and the activities. It just proves that the best way to see an old thing in a new light is to bring someone else`s perspective in.

Plus, it`s the first time I felt I returned Jian a favor. He always brings me along with his family to new places, and this was his first time in Tagaytay Highlands so it was nice to feel the roles rather reversed this time. Now I understand how fulfilling it is for him when I appreciate the sites he`s taken me to.

I also took the opportunity to spend much needed quality time with Jian. I was such a busy bee during the last three weeks of school that we barely really talked aside from the expected good morning`s and good night`s. Moreover, it`s ironic how we actually have less time together during the summers. Jian`s family usually goes out of the country, and add to that the fact that I have summer class this year (and next year). So we take whatever time we get together. If last year it was our trip to Boracay, this year it`s this trip to Highlands.

More photos after the cut.

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