Long Time Coming

I`ve had this vest for I suppose three years now, but I think this is only the second or third time I wore it. The thing is, when I saw it hung on one of the Mango racks, to me it looked über utilitarian chic so I couldn`t help myself from the purchase, but the next day I was rather puzzled on how I was going to wear it. So inevitably it stayed in my closet. Every time I update my wardrobe, though, I always have the urge to keep it…

… And now I`m heck glad I did! I`m surprised I only thought of pairing it with a corset now (then again my fondness for corsets didn`t exist three years ago). The vest tones down the corset`s risqué without completely masking it and because it`s in a dark denim wash, it still keeps the whole look sleek. Also, its lack of sleeves makes it quite perfect for keeping cool in the summer heat. I would`ve loved to pair this ensemble with heels, except I came from school so black ballet flats had to suffice. I`m to save the 5-inch pumps for another occasion then. :)

Mango vest, Velvet Rose corset, Topshop jeans, ballet flats from Hannah's closet sale

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