Of Open Parking Lots & Great Friends

What happens when you leave a blogger and a bunch of her friends in an open parking lot? This! Open parking lots usually offer intriguing props for photo ops, especially when aiming for some grunge or rugged effect. Unfortunately, it`s nearly impossible to look quite serious and even a little mad when you shoot with hyper friends, and fortunately however, it was an energetic bonding session that came at the expense of the I-don`t-give-a-damn kind of angst on the photos. That`s more than a fair enough trade for me! I must say this is one of the most fun experiences shooting for my blog, basically because I had friends to goof around with. Each of the “serious” shots actually has matching candid laughing ones, and there were even candid shots that looked better! Proof: I chose one of them to include here.

I don`t think I`ve ever posed and laughed this much on an open parking lot before. Thank you to my friends, Agi, Vic & Marty, for such a hilarious (albeit productive) shoot!

Zara shirt (worn backwards), Topshop leggings, Michael Antonio boots

Marty, Vic & Agi

Photos by Agnes Wang

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