It was Nina Garcia who said "Stick to sophisticated, solid colors (black, navy, gray, chocolate brown, white). Leave the patterns and crazy colors to the fifteen-year-olds" when choosing a bikini in her The One Hundred: A Guide to The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, and although I do think it's much wiser to purchase these colors because you can use them still in the long run and while a black bikini looks classy on its own, let's face it, it does tend to look a wee bit boring especially since I'm just four years past being fifteen. No reason to fret, however, because these solid colors can still look youthful and at the same time chic when paired with a printed or vivid hued cover up. Here's my current choice--oriental design for a trip by the oriental sea.

Anemone bikini top, vintage shorts, Forever 21 kimono

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