This is no Bridget Jones.

Today, I do something a little different than usual. Today, I actually write.
I was listening to a song that reminded me of someone who brought me rapture and tremendous ardor, and then caused me excruciating torment. Then I realized the power of the human heart is incredible. Biologically speaking, it`s one of the vital organs that keep us alive, making blood circulate through our body by pumping it to the lungs for it to get oxygenated, allowing every cell in our body essentially, to breathe, and consequently to not just give life but also to give us the chance to experience it. Even more awe-inspiring though is aside from its biological function, it is in the heart that we feel. We fall in love, and it`s as if our heart bursts with much bliss, sending exhilaration to every part of our being. In contradiction, we get hurt too, and then a concentrated ache reverberates from our chest to our limbs. The contractions of our heart are suddenly painful, there is an added weight on our chest until, worse, we feel as if someone ripped our heart out of our bodies, leaving in its place an empty indifferent void.
But the heart doesn`t stop there. It will keep pumping blood. It will keep us living. It will force us to recover.
In hindsight, I thought again of the person who dedicated to me the lyrics of The Wombats` Kill the Director, and I couldn`t help but be grateful. Grateful that once, he made my heart bound from joy—condensing at my very core what was contentment, excitement, and anticipation; grateful even if he caused me disappointment and hurt because when I think of him now, I am reminded of the resilience of my heart for being able to keep me alive until I moved on and until I could piece together what felt like its the shattered pieces. I know now that I can handle both love and grief, and that I will be able to go through both again and again because my heart can take it. 
We met each other, and we made each other feel seasick. I guess it`s a skill we just had. There were so many things that made us both distinctive, and maybe, just maybe, that`s why we weren`t for each other to have. 
Nonetheless, thank you.

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