The black and white combination is absolutely timeless, exactly how a daughter will always look at her mother. No matter how many years pass, a daughter will always see beyond her own age and her mother`s. There is no amount of experience, growth and maturity that will make me need my mom less. She is just as crucial in my life now as she was when I first scraped my knee and she was the only one I trusted to put Betadine on my wound and as she was the first time I felt heartbreak and I slept beside her till I didn`t need someone to hold me as I slept. I love her always, like she loves me—unconditionally and timelessly.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!

H&M oversized sleeveless blazer, Topshop pants, Una Rosa pumps
OS scapula necklace

More on our Mother's Day dinner at Chelsea after the cut.

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