Black & White & Color

My recent rediscovery of my love for all things black or white (when I`m not posting, it`s usually what I`m wearing) has proven to be quite paradoxical because its also made me appreciate color. I suppose that`s the appeal of black and white pieces—they go extremely well paired together or tone on tone (as in black on black and white on white), yet when paired with different colors, they bring out the vibrance of the others’ hues. Such is the case with this black oversized shirt over this pair of leggings that look as if kids randomly decided to splotch paint on it. The moment I saw these leggings, I couldn`t help myself from thinking of the countless black and white pieces in my closet I could pair them with, hence the purchase was an impulsive but inevitable one. Yes, that means you`ll be seeing them more than just a couple of times… if not photographed for this blog, most probably in school or in other places I can often be found.

Nude oversized sheer shirt, Topshop printed leggings, Stella Luna heels, Zara bag

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