Bloggers United 3: The Experience

I had high expectations of Bloggers United 3 for the simple reason that I had such an amazing time at the first bazaar. (Read about it here.) I was surprised when I arrived at Grandview Events Place. The name, to me, is a misnomer because the venue was actually too small for the expected number of attendees. Maybe I just came a little too late (When I arrived at Malayan Plaza for the first Bloggers United, the booths weren`t even completely set up yet so I was really able to take my time and look around thoroughly.), resulting in an already too-thick crowd which made shopping rather difficult. I noticed too that the price range of the items in this third installment (around Php 250-12,000), in general, was higher than the price range in the first bazaar (around Php 80-2,000).

For Bloggers United 3, I had a better time talking to the bloggers than shopping, which is very alright with me. I was so giddy that Kookie and Paul remember me! Paul even tweeted a photo of me wearing the OS ribcage harness (View it here!), and as a fan of his team’s creative genius (never going to get tired of saying that) I was beyond ecstatic

Overall, I wouldn`t call myself disappointed even if I did very minimal purchasing. It was fun seeing more bloggers and talking to those I follow. It was also a relief for me that this time, Jian tagged along and volunteered as photographer. I still don`t have much photos inside the bazaar though because a 50mm lens is no match for a mob of shoppers moving in narrow aisles, but at least this time around I have better outfit shots!

To continue the optimism, the fact that Bloggers United 3 was jam-packed just means that more Filipinos are growing to be fashion-savvy without necessarily being label-conscious. The influence of Filipino fashion bloggers continues to expand, and Bloggers United as an organization is clever as well as kind to converge bloggers and readers to foster a stylish Filipino community. Hopefully, there will be a Bloggers United 4 and that it will come soon.

Come one, come all--a glimpse of a fraction of those who attended.
Kookie's rack
My photos with Paul Jatayna of Paulhighness and Kookie Buhain of Death By Platforms

For some reason, I found this funny.
My first purchase at BU3: this furry keychain. It turned out to be a great conversation starter. My teammates, our Kru Andre and his Kru Sai all went up to me on separate occasions during training the next day to check if I had a dog inside my bag.
My next purchases: a cuff and two bottles of Orly nail polish.

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