Bloggers United 3: What I Wore

It took me a few days to thoughtfully assemble this outfit for Bloggers United 3.

First, the base—the most crucial part—a maxidress with straps. This, to me, proved to be the best option because no matter how well planned the logistics of a bazaar are, it`s almost always a bit of a hassle to fit clothes. Usually, the area for trying things on is quite small and/or inconveniently crowded, so to save me the time and effort of cramping myself with the masses of people queued, I can very easily, very quickly layer a top I want to fit on it. Also, bottoms are extremely easy to slip onto under the long dress.

Second, the shoes. Because I went with a very basic black dress, I added a bit of drama through my footwear, and a Jeffrey Campbell pair instantly makes the cut. Of course, this doesn`t mean I had to sacrifice comfort and function. I made sure I was in platform wedges so walking around wouldn`t kill my feet.

Third, to amp the drama just a few notches more, I wore my best statement accessory—my OS ribcage harness. I`ve actually had this for nearly half a year now, but this is the first time you`ll see it here on my blog because I try to save it for special occasions (like the AJMA Shindig 2012: Animalia back in January, which I didn`t blog about because I barely had time for photos due to backstage labor and partying to pay off for all the work).

Fourth and last but not the least, my bag. I refuse to be berated for using this bag again because I just love it too much—I adore the white that isn`t stark and I appreciate that it has two very functional straps: a short but thick one that allows proximity to my body (necessary for securing belongings when going through tight crowds) and a longer and thinner one that allows me to sling it on my shoulder to let the bag hang lower so I don`t have to put it down on a surface when I need to rummage through my things.

True enough, despite the overwhelming number of attendees, shopping at Bloggers United 3 seemed to be a breeze in hindsight. I didn`t stay very long and I was actually a tad late though. I`ll be talking about the event itself on my next post, so keep visiting!

Meanwhile, I`d love to read about what you wore to Bloggers United 3 or to the last bazaar you went to. Feel free to comment!

Sanda maxidress, OS ribcage harness, Zara bag, Jeffrey Campbell Skates

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