The Flying Dutchman discovered

Zara coat, Forever 21 dress, Superfluously Ciqala body chain, So!Fab low cut boots, Preview high cut boots, The Flying Dutchman rucksacks in Gaff (navy) and Hatch (black)

Never in my life did I think I'd rave about a backpack until my usual shoulder bag or tote got too heavy from too many school things and I discovered the rucksacks from The Flying Dutchman. The rucksacks come in a variety of handsome colors, inevitably making it difficult for me to choose just one. That's the best part though--I didn't have to choose just one because they're sold for an incredibly affordable price! I got so excited when my Gaff and Hatch arrived late last week, and because I honestly fancy both rucksacks equally, I decided I'd first share them here in just one post.

Here're my takes on essentially the same outfit, but varied according to each rucksack. I started with a base that's still rather inconspicuous--a navy dress and a simple body chain. For the Gaff, I chose to cover up with a dark and dapper coat to avoid looking too cutesy, but opted for low cut boots to keep the look casual enough for school and to balance out the almost-full coverage of the coat. On the other hand, I thought the Hatch exuded an attractively rugged vibe that I made do without the trench and instead dressed up my base with high cut boots. Thank goodness the weather was cooperative by staying rainy the whole day, making both my outfits completely appropriate!

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