Giraffe lover

H&M silk shirt, Boxercraft pyjamas, Suelas flats, Louis Vuitton bag

You are not my friend if you do not know that I am absolutely smitten with giraffes. I have all sorts of giraffe things--giraffe school supplies, giraffe bathroom rugs and curtains, giraffe bedsheets, giraffe stuffed toys... you name it. So it just makes sense that I own giraffe clothing, even if most of them are the cutesy pieces of sleepwear. It was on one of those late impromptu hey-you-wanna-see-a-movie-tonight kind of nights when I realized I could actually take these pyjamas out of my bedroom, simply because I was already too comfortable in them to even bother changing. I remember hurriedly grabbing a pair of heels and throwing on another loose shirt, and I was good to go. And so I thought if my pyjamas could declare my love for giraffes in the cinema, heck, why not take a step further and declare it out of town?... Or I could be one of those girls who are just absurd enough to wear pyjamas out.

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