Light & Shadow

Shadows cannot live in the dark. They are servants of light. The children of fire. And the brighter the flame, the darker they are. – Melisandre, Game of Thrones S2E04

I went on a Game of Thrones marathon yesterday and finished the entire first season till a few episodes from the second season, and the quote above reminded me of this impromptu shoot with Agi when we went out for Jamba Juice and lunch along with Vic and Nikki last Thursday. The sun was shining crazy bright and I remember it being impossible to avoid complaining about the intense light while Agi complained about the shadows in the photographs. We actually took a lot more shots, but these were the only ones we were both pleased with (except I think I`m more fond of the second one on the first row compared to Agi).

Lonely Planet fedora, printed sleeve button down given as gift, H&M shorts, Cole Vintage oxfords

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