Like a bird that takes flight

Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos around the world! Today the Philippines celebrates its freedom from Spain more than a century ago, and although we still have our problems, I genuinely believe the Philippines, like a bird, will take its flight and soar to great heights one day.

On a more petty but more personal note, there is another reason I am bringing up birds. Birds, as you all know, hatch from their eggs and grow in their nests, and when they feel they are ready, they flap their wings and take off. Tumblr has been such an easy and homely nest for my blog, but now I feel I am ready to announce that Mahilig is officially moving here on Blogger. I am positive that this move will allow my blog to grow more and will take me to a greater distance.

Now, I welcome you to a new and improved Mahilig on Blogger! :)

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