Snow White and The Huntsman and Ravenna's Closet

It’s been exactly a week since I saw Snow White and The Huntsman at the cinema, and it’s about time I share with you my week-long lust for Ravenna’s glorious head piece and her absolutely opulent rooster feather cape. I drool while staring at these along with the rest of the costumes. The only words that are close enough to encapsulate what Colleen Atwood (Hah, just a one letter difference from my first name! I think I may be on to something…) has done here is unparalleled brillance!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO GO SEE IT NOW. The experience is a visual orgasm. I’m no film critic but I think no one will contest when I say the cinematography is brillant and the plot offers a dark but nonetheless excellent twist on the fairy tale. Definitely worth every penny and every second!

Ravenna's headpiece
Ravenna's cape made of rooster feathers and its creator--Colleen Atwood

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