What is it about knits?

H&M sweater, Topshop jumpsuit, Bally oxfords, Louis Vuitton bag

Part of me thought it was absurd when I purchased this sweater at the men's section in H&M last April in Hong Kong, but there's something about thick knits that always seem to call out to me whenever I shop out of the country. All of a sudden I forget how insanely hot it will get once I'm back in Metro Manila, and I start daydreaming about traveling to much colder countries... Taking a stroll in Central Park on a lovely autumn afternoon or perhaps trying to grasp the melancholic beauty of the Eiffel Tower on a cold winter day. Ahhh, what lovely fantasies arise from a plush wool sweater. I thought it would be a shame to let go of such a dream-inducing piece of clothing, that I simply rationalized the sweater could wait patiently in my closet until I would be going somewhere cold. Now here I am, convincing you all that it really was cool enough to layer this over my dainty little jumpsuit in Tagaytay Highlands last weekend.

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