Still in Rainwear

Zara jacket, Bleach Catastrophe singlet, Topshop jeans, Zara boots, Juicy Couture bag

It's been consistently chillier these days, resulting in more frequent pants wearing. I'm not complaining though. At least I can take out my leather jacket more. This was given to me as a Christmas gift about two years ago I think, but I've only fully appreciated it in the past few months. I love that it comes in a chocolate brown color--less obtrusive than the usual black but just as edgy and can be worn with more things in my opinion. I think it paired perfectly well with this new singlet that's been on my mind for a week. It usually takes longer before I buy something I see in a magazine, but this piece really caught my attention. Not on the animal print or botanical trend, which actually made it more charming. The quaint colorful houses remind me to keep cheery in this rather dreary weather.

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