Let's Talk About The Very Basics

Zara shirt and bag, Bijou Brigitte necklace, Michael Kors watch, Topshop jeans and blazer, Archaeology flats

After what seems to be forever (okay, it was just five months) of academic toiling and business exposure, finally, I am back to blogging! I am also extremely excited to officially re-welcome this old habit in a completely new environment that is Spain, where I will be studying for a semester!

My not-so-brief online absence, though, does not come without some growth and insights about style and how it fits in the overall framework of life. While I do not mean to preach nor be redundant as I've mentioned this already before, I continuously realize that day to day dressing is just as luxurious as it is laborious; just as expressive as it is functional. It dawned on me that in more ways than one I was dressing more for my blog and how the clothes would photograph rather than how what I was wearing would help me get through my agenda for the day, and the clearer that awareness became, the more inclined I was to delay going back to blogging. In other words, I discovered how much I enjoyed the simple act of dressing up or even dressing down to suit whatever I was to do without the added task and, yes, pressure of finding time to take photos of various details of my #ootd. Perhaps, more importantly, I was able to integrate my sartorial preferences to suit my other priorities and commitments, rather than the other way around.

Having understood such, I go back to blogging with a shift in fashion perspective and a renewed appreciation for the basics--basic pieces, solid colors, cuts, and silhouettes that can be used time and again, with other basics or with trendier pieces for a day in school or going around shopping, or food tripping or bar hopping with friends, or all of that, even after trends pass or when geographical boundaries are crossed.

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