Thoughts on fur

Temperatures have already drastically dropped here in Alcalá de Henares, reaching 2 degrees in the morning. While my existing coats layered on sweaters layered on shirts are still getting me by, I am haunted by this foreboding feeling as I have plans to visit family this Christmas in Finland, where it reaches a daunting -10 degrees. In my attempt to avoid hypothermia, I have been virtually window shopping for coats / jackets, but I still cannot get around how unsightly those puffers are...

... And then there was Carrie Bradshaw in snowy New York on her way to Miranda Hobbes for New Year's Eve while I was watching Sex and The City last night. This has gotten me contemplating on a fur coat / jacket. I already have my sight on some faux variants, although I can't decide on a color just yet, and I'm just not entirely sure it'll really work as effectively at keeping me warm as a puffer will.

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