Bloggers United 6

Bloggers United is back with its 6th installment, and I'm a little bit sad that I'm missing it because I'm still in my Junior Term Abroad program. Since I attended their very first event I've been a fan because it was such an eventful occasion, leading me to meet some of my favorite Filipino bloggers and to start my love affair with OS Accessories. I strongly encourage you to make time for this event, and to take the opportunity not just to shop and take photos but to mingle around and make conversation with the bloggers. You'd be delightfully surprised (if not completely in fangirl or fanboy mode) at how friendly they are--as if you're meeting them through a common friend in a mall--and it's highly likely you'll even find new style inspirations. I wish I could say I hope to run into you there, but for now, from one fan to hopefully another, may you enjoy your Bloggers United experience!

Bloggers United is made possible by its organizers Aisa Ipac and Ana Gonzales

In partnership with World Bazaar Festival


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Poster and links courtesy of Death By Platforms by Kookie Buhain

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