Holiday Wish List

Only 9 days to go before Christmas! I know posting a wish list this late into the month probably lessens my chances of getting what's in my wish list, but I've gotten quite used to shopping for myself, so it took a bit of time to figure out what I want as presents.

(Not in order of preference) 

1. Slip dress
The Are You Am I Zillah raw edge slip dress on the collage above is just for reference. The 3.1 Phillip Lim Kite Dress is also a great peg. I'm not particular about the brand, really. Any brand with a good fit made with light, flowy fabric will be much appreciated.

2. Instax Share
I have pondered long and hard about this, but my love for having my photos in hard copy seemed enough of a reason to want one. 
(Because online albums just never quite give you the same nostalgic feeling as tangible photos)

3. Clutch
It doesn't actually have to be Balenciaga or YSL or a designer label, for that matter. I just need a sizeable rectangular clutch to fit all my essentials when I spend the night out. I want one in a strong, solid color because I'm almost always in black when I'm out late, so I could use a pop of color.

 I have been lusting for this specific pair for the longest time! It's rather pricey though (which is why I still haven't purchased one), so a black cat eye frame from another brand will work for me too. Small gold accents are optional.

5. White button down
Crisp. Flowy. Cotton. Silk. Cropped. Oversized. Women's. Men's. What-have-you. 
Just because I can never have too many white button downs.

6. Black sandals, preferably with a T-strap
Plain or embellished.

7. White court shoes 
Minimum 3.5 inches but preferably 4 inches or higher.
Because I used and reused and abused my pair from Mango beyond resurrection. *Sigh

8. Peep toe mules with a stiletto heel
The silver pair is from Giuseppi Zannoti, while the black one is from Miu Miu. Brand, however, is once again not so relevant, as long as the shoes fit and look great! Versatility also counts, so black, gold, white, or silver are good color options.

9. Ballet flats
With the soles sewn, and not just glued. A black pair will always remain classic.
H&M ballet flats are tried and tested. Yosi Samra ones are light and compact. Repetto, Chanel, and Tory Burch take it up a notch.

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