Carisse Margarita dress, Charles & Keith sandals
Photo by Agnes Wang

Here's the truth--
Blogging takes more than just one person.

When came out with their article Fashion Bloggers and Their Boyfie-tographers a few months back, the site had validated thoughts I have mulled over and shelved since my break up with my previous partner. Fashion blogging is a team effort. 

As a reader of other fashion blogs, it becomes very easy to admire the bloggers seen in their photos, and admittedly, it is their style that catches the reader's eyes. However, as one who has also been blogging, the proverbial question comes to mind-- Who takes the pictures? This is the prime reason I have not blogged as religiously as when I was with my previous boyfriend about three to four years back. He was my photographer, even when he was not really into photography. And in some ways, it also took its toll on our relationship. The pressure to take good photos sometimes just got in the way of having a good time. This is why I am careful never to be too demanding with my current beau, no matter how patient he can be.

Bloggers who have other blogger and/or photographer friends are fortunate. They have people who understand how they want their outfit to be photographed, and what exactly to do with the camera to get those images. For the rest of us whose circles aren't as fashion photography savvy, we ask friends to do us the favour of taking our photos while we teach them how to adjust the exposure in our cameras, or to be patient with us as we try out different angles or even different "outfit areas" for better lighting.

When I had this photo taken in the beginning of April, I had just finished lunch with photographer and friend, Agnes Wang, and I had been able to ask her for a quick shoot. For my upcoming blog entries, there may be a bit more iPhone photography involved, courtesy of my boyfriend, or whoever is patient enough to take my photo.

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