Kalokalan: Go Local Series

In theme with the upcoming Philippine Independence Day and as a follow up to my previous entry on sustainable fashion, I am dedicating this June to featuring / highlighting local brands. And because this series is also aimed to promote the business of local fashion, I am aptly calling it Kalokalan--an amalgamation of the Filipino words kalakalan (which translates to business or trade in English) and lokal (local).

To launch this, let me begin by showcasing Filipino brand, Undo, set against (mostly) local street art from Art One BGC as background, literally. For we cannot deny that fashion and art have always been intertwined. 

Undo Serena playsuit, Linda Farrow eyewear, leather bracelet from Spanish flea market, Chanel bag, Zara shoes
Photos by Paolo DS

In the words of MJ Benitez in Preview’s April 2014 issue, “Both [fashion and art], after all, are catalysts for creative freedom and discussion. As with art, one cannot discount fashion’s contribution as a tangible representation of a society’s culture, history, and even current state of affairs." Just as artists have turned the streets into an urban gallery, so too are local designers using social media to bring their work to the public. At the height of the social media era, we are seeing the burgeoning of many Filipino clothing brands online. Local talents now have an accessible platform to retail their apparel, heeding for others to take notice. It's time we pay attention, and start seeking local brands for our fashion needs.

Undo creates pieces with a clean palette, and offers a selection of crisp and relaxed clothes. Their current Blanc and Noir collection is ideal for the young professional, whose agenda often transitions from day to night.


  1. Hi Kolz! Love the playsuit <3


    1. Hi, Erika! Thanks! You can get one for yourself from Undo. :)


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