Kalokalan: Her

Karen Walker eyewear, Her swimwear, Undo Madison suede robe

Squeezing out what's left of summer now that the rain has been beginning to shower sporadically. I admit it's a little late into the crochet swimwear trend, as it's only been available online, and bikini sizing is always tricky for me. I took the leap of faith and ordered despite the unavailability of a mixed size option. I had to make a few DIY adjustments, though. Thank goodness I paid (enough) attention in high school home economics!


  1. The bikini looks lovely! Can't wait for the day I get my body back, lol.

    1. I think it looks lovely too, and there are so many other colors to choose from!

      I'm sure you'll get your body back in no time. It seems you're already more than halfway through it, actually. :)


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