Kalokalan travels!

Lola & Daisies funnel top, Zara jacket, Topshop culottes, Adidas trainers, ANMA sling travel wallet, Longchamp cross body tote, Delsey luggage
Photo by Rica Briñas

Just checking in to say I arrived in Hong Kong mid morning yesterday. As a commitment to the Kalokalan series, I've taken with me some Filipino brands to wear in Hong Kong. This photo shows two: Lola & Daisies and ANMA. Lola & Daises is a brand I am not new to travelling with, as I've already taken one of their coords sets to a quick trip to Vigan before. Now, it seems the brand is becoming a go-to for travel OOTD essentials, especially with this grey funnel top that is so easy to style. ANMA, on the other hand, has been on my wish list for quite some time since I've discovered their travel wallets that can work as a sling or as a clutch. I took the opportunity to finally purchase one just in time for this trip, and it's definitely helped save some time by reducing all the document fussing with its labeled compartments. (Perfect to bring out your inner OCD.) The rest of the trip feels easy from here!

Lola & Daisies is available on Instagram.
ANMA is available online via their website and in Archaeology, Power Plant Mall, Makati 

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  1. " no parent raised an eyebrow"..... that made me laugh!....enjoy Ayeen. I love you.


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