Capsule: Black pants

Carisse Isla top, Topshop pants, Zara heels, Victoria's Secret clutch
Photos by Paolo DS

How are black pants not a necessity? They look good with everything! Because they're also a notch dressier than denims, they make for a perfect transition piece perfect for nights when you don't want to go through a change of clothes for your after-work plans. A change of shoes, though, I'd still recommend, unless you have no problem with spending 12 or more hours in heels. Admit it, tiis-ganda still has its limits.

Some advice: Make sure you use detergent that's made for black/dark fabrics. We use Perwoll Black Liquid Detergent at home. It's available locally in most super markets. This will prevent your black pants (and other black/dark clothes) from fading too soon. Washing with specialty detergent has prolonged the color quality of this particular pair of pants for give or take 3 years now, and it still has a couple of washes left in it. Give your favorite black pants the TLC they deserve, and they will give back ten-fold by being your reliable sartorial constant.

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