Not a Freudian slip

H&M denim jacket and bucket sling, Zara dress, Nike trainers
Photo by Paolo DS

Well, hasn't it become obvious I have an affinity for slip dresses? Actually, pieces seemingly inspired by rolling off the bed draw me in. Slips like this one are just the tip of the iceberg. Coats in robe cuts,  bodysuits from the lingerie section (and okay, maybe the swimwear section too, which maybe still count considering there are poolside daybeds. No? At least I tried to make the connection.), wide leg pants akin to the pyjama, boyfriend shirts that are actually my boyfriend's shirts... You get the picture. Elevate with boardroom crisp clothing; go rugged with denim; or simply rock as pambahay's best*.

*pambahay's best - idiom. clothing typically reserved for lounging at home, but are worn outside with nonchalance by the self-assured. Origin: First heard by this author in play No Filter: Let's talk about me

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