Just for kicks

Zara top, Simara full tutu, Adidas Superstars from The City Doll, Victoria's Secret sling bag
Photos by Paolo DS

I had always wanted what we called a click-clack job-- You know, the kind of job that requires you to wear towering heels that would make click-clack sounds as you walked across the marbled floors. Then life threw a curve ball at me or I threw a curve ball at life as I dove into a career path that allowed me to wear sneakers to work if I wanted to. 

Not that I wore the above to work. I attended an event hosted by a local premier real estate company in collaboration with a lavish perfume brand that opened its first Philippine store only recently. How posh. So I went in a full, flow-y, baby pink tutu aged slightly with a simple long-sleeved black top.  Ultra-feminine. 

Until my sneaky sneakers that poke out whenever I strode, or nonetheless unabashedly revealed whenever I had to lift my skirt while taking the stairs.

Ah yes, comfort still reigns supreme.

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