Odette & Odile

Silk robe and cami set from Hong Kong flea market;
Adolfo Dominguez coat & Zara slip dress
Make up by Isabel Cancio
Photography by Isabel Cancio and Paolo de los Santos

Here is an anecdote: At the time Lookbook.nu had just started gaining popularity and its sign-ups were only by-invite or by-approval, I had "applied" with a selfie (Note, the word selfie did not even exist yet) showing my lids in three colors. Only days after I sent that "application" did I find out that the photo needed was one that showed a complete outfit from head to toe, or at least neck to knees.
Oops. My bad.

I reckon my interest in fashion started not with clothing, but with make up. Perhaps it was because I was on the rounded side in my earlier years (Heck, I'm still round in several areas now), and clothes didn't fit me as easily, so I turned to make up to make my adolescent self feel attractive. Or it could also be that my pre-teen love for arts and crafts naturally transitioned to the inclination to paint my face. Or it could very well be a combination of both.

So it was that through the years, I had experimented, mixed and matched, tried and tested different make up routines, until I have found the ones that work for me the best, and I have stuck by them since. They are the looks that have been part of this blog only as a complement to my clothes--the unsung supporting role.

But now I let make up take on the lead, encouraged by a collaboration proposed by the beautiful Isabel.

First--Au naturel, but not quite. Isabel used various tones of brown on my lids for depth, lined with a solid black for increased definition. Lashes were also enhanced, and brows made strong to frame the face. Warm, barely-there peach on my cheeks, and pale pink on the lips for clean look. Classic, and can be worn any time of the day.

Second--A twist on the smokey eye. Long lashes and intense brows kept from the previous look. Lids painted gold to replace the browns, and contoured with a deep, glittery aubergine. This time, jet black liner made even thicker. Nude on the rest of the face to draw focus on sultry eyes. Unapologetic. Best for the evenings that quickly turn into mornings. Guaranteed to warrant attention.

Follow Isabel's work on Instagram at @colourmeisabel.

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