On the Praya but really more about Online Shopping

Seek the Uniq Praya jumpsuit, Tom Ford eyewear, H&M necklace, Steve Madden heels
Photography #byjonastamayo

Praya or in Portuguese praia. Playa en español. Or simply waterfront. Apt a description for this jumpsuit, with its soft cerulean cotton that so easily moves with the body as the waves do even from the gentlest breeze. 

This jumpsuit reminds me so much of what I love about online shopping. While there is nothing that can replace the advantage of physically being able to try on clothes and accessories when in-store shopping, especially for girls like me who are not blessed with an anything-can-fit-me frame, shopping online gives the benefit of having innumerable options. Net-a-Porter will always have its appeal, but while I cannot afford anything there yet on my own salary, there are many other virtual spaces with brands that are much more affordable. More than a handful of them local, even.

My favorite part of online shopping though is that it need not even be a game of hunting the look for less. Plenty up and coming labels available online and only in pop-up stores produce on a lesser scale than their mainstream high-street counterparts; their pieces then being more unique. When was the last time you ran into someone with the same H&M dress or Zara top? My guess-- not too long ago.

Then, there is the process itself. Of looking for and stumbling upon brands that you identify with. Of finding pieces that just get to you. Of studying the listed compositions. Will they be as good in person as they are in photos? Of interacting and building relationships with the people behind the brands, be it through e-mail, social media, and if local, even SMS. Of anticipating the delivery of your orders. The feeling when you open a package that has just arrived, like a present you're about to open on Christmas eve.

Luxury, they say, is all about perception.

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