Borrowed from the Boy

Ray-Ban eyewear, Marks & Spencer shirt borrowed from the boy, Mango trousers, Adidas trainers
Photography #byjonastamayo

It's rather unfair how men's shirts feel so much more comfortable than ours. So comfortable that they can almost pass for sleepwear, but the kind that can be worn in the streets. Then again, I'm a tad notorious for wearing actual lingerie sleepwear out. You have to admit, there's an appeal to looking the slightest bit undone. The just-rolled-off-the-bed kind of allure. Rugged. Raw. 

 Not too raw, though. There’s a fine line that separates relaxed and plain sluggish. Tailored but roomy trousers always feel like a godsend, especially on holidays when I still have to show up at work. 

Ahh, I have no complaints though. How can I, when I can get away with showing up in upgraded pyjamas and my boyfriend’s shirt? Of course, clean trainers and classic eyewear are a great help at pulling the look together.

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