The choke's on you

Karen Walker eyewear, Lola and Daisies Alexa choker top, Zara jeans, Bally derbies (hand-me-down from the mother)

There is nothing quite like the hold well-designed and well-made clothing have on me.

It was instantaneous--the decision to purchase this lovely top and these pair of pants that I'm not quite sure is inspired from the relaxed silhouette of the '70s or the ubiquitous elephant pants of the early 2000s. (Mind you, the purchases were months apart.) 

 Sometimes, it even extends to accessories. I was so charmed by these pair of sunglasses that I searched for them as far as Hong Kong. They were already available in Metro Manila at that time, but its Hong Kong price made for a better deal. 

 And how can I forget! The gratification of wearing fine shoes. The pair I'm wearing is--give or take--fifteen years old. Fifteen! One of my favorite among hand-me-downs from my mom. Proof that well-crafted footwear is worth the price. It may not be as pristine, of course, but it has aged and worne gracefully. (I did have to replace the laces though. Thank goodness there all sorts of essentials available where I work.) 

 Ahh, yes, nice things have a hold on me. Such an antithesis to the spirit of Christmas. I would love to say that I'm no-fuss and low maintenance, but matter-of-factly, I'm not. I admire those who are. Let me clarify though, I don't mean I only appreciate expensive things. Far from it. It just means more to me when I know much thought was given to selecting the right present. Going through how well one knows me to pick up on the verbal and nonverbal cues of my preferences.

 Because nice is relative. And it could be something new, or even something old. Necessary and practical like replacement shoelaces; or ornate, like a unique cut on an otherwise straightforward top. The point is, will it show how well you know me?

Maybe it's a tad self-serving, but don't we all just want to feel remembered, and remembered well, by those we love?

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