For the love of local

Karen Walker eyewear, Undo Amber leather top, Mango trousers
Hand-painted highlights by Leslie Espinosa
Photography #byjonastamayo

Over the weekend, I came across an article on The Huffington Post about a reality show that made a few bloggers work at a Cambodian sweatshop. Of course, they were horrified by the substandard labor conditions that go into producing fast fashion clothes. Of course, they felt the need to take action for change.

I have always been vocal about working towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Of course, the answer is never simple, but one of the ways we can help be responsible fashion enthusiasts is to support local. When we support local brands, we help grow our own economy, and reduce our personal carbon footprints. 

I'd like to acknowledge three Filipino brands/talents in this post:

1. Undo by Kyla Zuñiga
I first encountered Undo in one of the regular bazaars in the metro, and I've been a regular client ever since. Their aesthetic can easily be described as clean with an understated elegance. In just a little less than a year, Undo's product line has grown to include shoes and even planners.

2. Jonas Tamayo
Schoolmate-turned-colleague, who is also an exceptional photographer. I am so fortunate to work with and see Jonas grow in his craft, and I would recommend him to anybody looking for a photographer too shoot fashion and food.

3. Leslie Espinosa
Educator, hair stylist and make up artist trained in Los Angeles and New York. She was born and raised in the United States, but found her purpose after visiting home for a volunteer teaching program. She is now based in the Philippines, and in addition to teaching at the GK Enchanted Farm, she is also available for hair styling and coloring appointments on weekends at Felipe and Sons, Ortigas.

Read here for more ways we can help the fashion industry become a more sustainable one.

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