Zara blazer, Undo Isla bralette, Uniqlo pants, Steve Madden shoes
Photography #byjonastamayo

I'll always be partial to the color black as it elevates anything and everything a notch higher. I use, re-use, and abuse black clothing so much for everyday wear that my trusted blazer and skinny pants finally gave out last year. The pants were easy to replace (much to my surprise), and I'd say this pair from Uniqlo counts as an upgrade. It took me a while longer though to find a new black blazer I liked--slightly oversized, but with sleeves that cut just past the elbow--and when I finally found this one at Zara, it took some more time to save money to afford it.

Safe to say my obsession for the bralette will also be carried over to this year. It's gotten to the point that I don't even use cupped brassieres anymore. It's barely-there bralettes or none at all these days because really, why bother with unnecessary padding and underwires in this Philippine humidity when I can't even fill an A-cup? Screw you, fake conservatism.

Well, ok, of course I still wear shirts and other appropriate pieces of clothing (lest anyone ever thinks I'm on the path led by Miley), but that's due to occupational hazards (I do love my work) and also partly not having yet built a more solid core.

And yeah, I probably shouldn't be drinking pineapple juice from McDonald's if I want to get that going.

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