Birthday Bangs

Photography byjonastamayo

The last time I had bangs was in high school, and maybe it’s the nostalgia for youth that pushed me to get bangs as I approach my mid-twenties. I’m just kidding! I just turned 23 and I’m definitely not feeling old. Getting bangs just seemed like a good idea—a fresh look to usher in another year in the life. 

I must admit even toying around with the idea of changing my hair again was daunting at the beginning, considering the last time I made a snap decision about my hair, but this time around I had Leslie. If there’s one thing I learned about managing hair, having a trusted stylist makes a big difference in both the outcome and the process. How relaxed, excited, or anxious you are as another person snips away at your hair depends on how well you trust him or her. It’s very much like having someone else dress you up—you’re not quite sure if they understand your aesthetic and your lifestyle, how you go about your day and how it all contributes to your look—except with a hair stylist, you can’t just change if you don’t like the clothes or if the pieces don’t fit quite right. Hair takes more commitment than today’s #ootd, and a relationship with your stylist can directly affect how well that commitment will turn out to be. 

 Rest assured, these bangs are a welcome commitment!

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