I am an outfit repeater.

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Posted by Affion Crockett on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This Facebook post has been reappearing in my feed recently, and I couldn't help but remember Kate Sanders from Lizzy McGuire.

Maybe I had just underestimated the impact of this scene on my generation, or maybe I didn't realize this "rule" was preached more by other media. Whichever the case, even as a fashion/style enthusiast, I think it's ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure I'd make the same face Drake has in the meme above if I ever got called out for repeating clothes.

I have said it before, and I will say it again as many times as the topic is brought up: Clothes are meant for wearing and re-wearing. Even if one could afford to wear new clothes everyday, it's just downright bad for the environment and the industry's sustainability. Creativity in fashion is not just exercised through design, or finding creative ways to spend; it can also be practiced by creating several looks within the constraints of your existing wardrobe.

This top I adore because it's easy to wear with its neutral floral charm, and I first featured it on the blog during my last trip to Hong Kong.  The skirt, on the other hand, I wore during my first day back at work for the year. The purchase of both pieces were well thought of, and I had already considered what they went with in my closet even before I pressed the check-out button. I discovered that the trick to prints is looking for those with base colors that I already wear often.

Lola & Daisies top, Seek the Uniq Velhas skirt, Charles & Keith sandals
Photography byjonastamayo

Now, excuse me as I rotate my clothes and explore uniform dressing.

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