Nagsasa Photo Diary

It's rather difficult to imagine that this is all just about five hours away from Metro Manila (4-hour drive, followed by an hour by boat). Once we were in Nagsasa Cove, there was not a trace of city life in the horizons--just mountains and the West Philippine Sea. There were no hotels; only small tents to sleep in, huts that served both as a lounge and a kitchen, with mid-sized logs to start a cooking fire nearby. The only concrete structures in the entire cove were the shower and lavatory. Even mobile signal didn't exist here. Nagsasa Cove compelled all of us who stayed there to enjoy it as it is--sand, sea, fresh breeze, and vast mountains that gave nothing short of a breathtaking view--and to enjoy it with people. Friends one will get to know more as you pitch tents, build fires, cook, swim, and take in the entire experience together. 

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