Baler Photo Diary

DS and I had a chance to stay at Easy Adventure in Baler during the Holy Week holidays, thanks to the Valentine's contest hosted by Carisse, and the place is beautiful! The tents in Easy Adventure were clean and spacious, complete with twin beds inside. The meals were flavourful, and I was thrilled they served vegetables in every meal. It was also a pleasure to finally work on my tan on their yoga deck that had the most peaceful view I've seen in a while, and it felt like we could lounge forever in their Siesta Hub.

The waves in Charlie's Point, the nearby beach, were quite strong and are recommended only for intermediate to professional surfers. Nonetheless, DS and I enjoyed playing by the shore where the waves and sea foam could still reach us. We both decided to skip basic surf lessons in the other beach, Sabang, and drove to Dicasalarin Cove instead. The waves there were just strong enough to resemble the wave pools of the water parks from my childhood, so that was a fun memory to relive.

I could go on and on about our time in Baler, but I'd rather recommend others to visit the place to experience it for yourself. There really is nothing quite like being unplugged by the sea, though what I loved about Baler was that it had the right balance of rural charm and convenience of amenities, making our stay there a recharging one.

Baler is located in Aurora, Philippines.
Learn more about Easy Adventure through their website, or visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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