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Zara headband, Topshop top, Uniqlo culottes, Sapatero derbies, bag and keychain from Singapore
Photography #byjonastamayo

It's been a while since I put up a style post, but then again, I don't blog full-time for a living. I've been contemplating over it the last few days as I worked closely with AJ Dee of The Filo Dapper for the release of Primero, his new collaboration collection with Felipe and Sons. How much am I really enjoying working behind the scenes? Would it have been more fulfilling if I had been in front of the lens rather than styling and co-directing behind it? Should I beat myself up over not riding with the tide when blogging was becoming a thing, because at that time, I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend who used to be my photographer and I was too shy to invite friends out so they could take my pictures? Now that I have to earn my own shopping money, I often wonder how does the #sponsoredlife feel like.

Then I realize I still have the freedom to post whenever I want, without obligations to any brand except for my own. I get to really think about purchasing clothes, consuming fashion a little more thoughtfully. Only really "promoting" what I want, what I like, and what resonates with me. Now I'm not about to pull an Essena O'Neil and say that more popular bloggers are inauthentic. At the end of the day, they control whose offers they accept, and speak about brands with their own voices. But for those of us blogging without getting anything in exchange, there's less pressure. And I appreciate the value of that too.

So let me dwell a little longer on what I'm wearing, just because I want to. This was what I wore to the aforementioned launch of Primero, which was inspired by cool colors, and a more playful menswear aesthetic. The navy pinstriped culottes were directly inspired by the double-breasted coat in the same pattern and color from the collection. I had initially thought about wearing heels, but I would be working through the launch, and these custom derbies from Sapatero were too comfortable to resist. Everything from the waist up was to give the look a more feminine touch, which was easily accomplished by a deep neckline in delicate white fabric, and the cliché pearls. The fluffy keychain, which I named fluffers, was just cute and something I like playing with.

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