Homage to the Instagram Boyfriend

On me: H&M Conscious Exclusive 2016 dress, Parfois clutch, Zara mules
On Paolo: vintage coat from his grandfather, Uniqlo shirt and jeans, Sapatero leather shoes
Photos by Paolo DS and myself

Half of blogging is finding or asking someone to take your pictures, and unless you're fortunate enough to always be in the company of photographer friends, it's not as easy as it sounds. It makes it even more difficult when you're a tad bit obsessive compulsive with the results of the photographs--lighting, framing, and expression all considered--but you're only really just asking the one behind the lens for a favor. There exists a fine line between being particular and demanding when you're probably about 10-20 photos in, and you still haven't nailed the perfect shot. 

 The rise of the Instagram boyfriend or as Stylebible calls them, beau-tographers, then seemed just natural, much to most men's dismay. We're less guarded with our significant other, so we can pose without feeling self-conscious. Dates and travel become convenient photo opportunities. Until it isn't that convenient anymore, because only a few guys can really be the Luke Shadbolt to our Nicole Warne, and that's okay.

So what do the rest of us have to do? Most of the time, asking nicely works. It also helps to give a clear visual of what you want the pictures to look like. If the person taking the photos already looks bored or even irate, it's best to just give it a rest, and ask them again later on. Otherwise, it may just cause a petty fight, which really isn't worth it. Case in point: Paolo and I had quite an argument shooting photos outside a church because I was being too picky, and in hindsight, even I think I was being ridiculous. So of course, I apologized, (this may not work for some) offered to take his photos as well, and expressed some more gratitude because I get it--taking photos of someone else, when that someone else is being over-critical, can be hassle. 

Until I can learn to take self-portraits as well as Margaret Zhang and Zanita Whittington, I'm just going to have to keep asking nicely, and coming come up with more ways to say thank you.

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