Misibis Photo Diary

If there were one thing about traveling I find so precious, it is its ability to remind us of the richness of life, and the vastness of our world. It’s so easy to get caught up in the complexities of the everyday mundane--getting up on time, traffic and commute, the demand of our day jobs, exercise, social obligations--that we sometimes forget life is bigger than any one of us. That the duration of our travel from our homes to our offices is almost the same amount of time it takes to be in a completely different island. That creation exists farther than the Makati or the Ortigas skyline. That there are people from all over the country--heck, the world--that we can share moments and stories with no matter how briefly. That there are people we spend time with everyday who we can still learn infinitely more about over the course of a weekend versus the years we've been around them.

What a privilege it was to get away from the city to be by the sand and sea, even for just three days in the midst of the monsoon season. Now, the rest of the week feels much more promising.

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