Panglao Photo Diary / Belated Birthday Musings

Beaches featured:
1. Alona Beach
2. Bellevue Bohol's beach front
3. Virgin Island

1. Pink & black bikini sets, custom made by Yuminum Bikinis (@yuminumbikinis)
2. White bikini with ruffled straps, Float Swimwear (@float_swim)
3. White bikini with crochet details, Triangl

In the weeks following my birthday trip to Panglao, I’ve thought a lot about travel. After having spent four days at the beach, I couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t long enough; that I could spend maybe another week basking under the sun, with the pristine cool waters conveniently only a stone’s throw away. Until my thoughts weren’t so much about travel—hopping from here to there, and to a multitude of other places—but more of displacement. 

What is it about displacement that lures us in? Sapiens author, Yuval Noah Harari, identifies ours as the only specie to romanticize being away from our natural habitat, as a result of commoditising experiences. Shall we blame consumerism again, or is it part of human nature to lack contentment, and perceive the grass is always greener (or the sea is always bluer?) on the other side?

Do we feel the same way about age? I suppose we are also the only specie that celebrates the passing of time, leaving one age for another. We leave the previous year of our lives and usher in a new one. Twenty-three years of triumphs and disappointments, of loves and friendships, of learnings, of labours and successes culminating into this moment, to usher in a new uncharted year, fittingly, in an unfamiliar island.

Ah, to be twenty-four, with the rest of life to explore. 

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