Kolleen Feria. 23. Filipino. 

On the path to deeper self-discovery and definitive self-expression through this documentation of her sartorial choices and her musings on life and style. 

Loosely translated, "hilig" means "fond" or "favorite". To add the prefix "ma-" makes it a transitive verb. Its more popular connotation, however, is its use as an adjective to describe the lustful.

Mahilig by Kolleen Feria, then, is a blog on Kolleen's aesthetic preferences, and the people, places, and events that she is fond of enough to let influence and contribute to her personal aesthetic.
It is a visual diary of her lust for life, expressed primarily through style.

Mahilig moved from Tumblr to Blogger on 12 July 2012. Backposts on Blogger date as far as her 18th birthday celebration--what she considers a coming out of sorts. However, the preceding Mahilig archive is still accessible through Tumblr.
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